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Best place for tanks to battle is on a GINORMOUS map, and that's what I've been combing my maps directory for.

The Dark Forest is one of the largest of the large maps, that isn't GIANT SIZED; no being a little person in a Godzilla sized house! Plus this map will strain a person's driving skills in improving ways, because driving over rocks and stumps and other such forestry tends to damage one's vehicle.

 I've placed all manner of what XV has to offer here, 1 of each vehicle and only 1 of the jeeps. Even though there's weapons and ammo all over the map, I setup a WeaponLocker in a cabin that's near the center of all that.

 There is no FixGun because that's really ideal for team games, plus this environment really doesn't speak to being such a place to have one of those.

Tanks are in the 4 corners of the map, 1 to each corner; overall shape may seem round but it's really just a very large square. The jeep and heli are by the center cabin. There's some animals on the map as well, with their health seriously jacked up so they won't die so easily...

 ...initially the map had NaliRabits on it, but I removed them as that is literally the most useless thing in the entire Unreal series. Was tempted to swap them for GoPostal's cats, yes he actually made a cat for mapping, but that thing dies way too easily no matter how much you increase its health. For a time I had LeoTCK's SeaGoats on the map, but during development of various things that proved to be an issue so I had to remove them. Ultimately, I put in SkaarjWarriors though I removed their projectiles... to keep things interesting but not too interesting.

 Due to the size of the map and the massive amounts of open space...

...the map does have a couple BSP issues, but they're not too bad. Mostly they're out near the edges and they're nothing that can kill you, no bottomless pits to fall in, things only look a little trippy when passing through them.

 I removed an invisible redeemer that was on the original, moved another redeemer up to a branch as it was placed below it in the open air for no apparent reason. I removed a couple Uzis, both because other than XV I wanted to keep this a bit more standard and also because 1 of the 2 kinds of Uzis was the Rebel Mac which had the Stars & Bars of the Confederacy on it... and I always edit stuff like that off of maps when I find them.

 Usual Suspects:

.unr /maps

.png - pwetty


You can get Xvehicles here · · which you need to make this work!

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