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Post Info TOPIC: Unreal Tournament Version 0.1.12 Release Notes (6/28/2017)

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Unreal Tournament Version 0.1.12 Release Notes (6/28/2017)

Epic Games Blog Post

Unreal Engine Wiki Release Notes


  • Fort meshing with proto meshes in preparation for final visual pass.
  • Chill bug fixes.


  • Bio Rifle
    • New Bio Rifle mesh from KazeoHin
    • Adjusted Bio Rifle low ammo threshold
  • Lightning Rifle
    • Fixed Lightning Rifle fully charged timer respecting fire rate multiplier (i.e. Berserk).
    • Fixed Lightning Rifle primary fire causing damage to non characters.
    • Fixed Lightning Rifle charged up in standalone fires projectile when 1 ammo left.
    • Adjusted lightning projectile collision.
    • Don't chain lightning off of dead bodies.
  • Redeemer
    • Reduced Redeemer collision free explosion radius 1200->1000.
    • Radius is further reduced if Redeemer missile is shot down.
    • Impact Hammer alt fire doesn't push Redeemer missiles.
  • Grenade Launcher
    • Fixed grenades not coming to rest properly on sloped surfaces.
    • Fixed friendly instigator check for sticky grenades.
  • Rocket Launcher
    • Rocket spread not affected by aim angle.
  • Flak Cannon
    • Don't attenuate Flak shard self damage below 1 pt.


  • Display damage numbers when you are dead.
  • Damage numbers are blue instead of gold if player has no armor but is over-healthed.
  • Updated minimap with new armor proto mesh shapes.
  • Reduced size of Link Gun overheat bar and Lightning Rifle charge bar.
  • Draw Redeemer beacon even when Redeemer hasn't spawned yet.
  • Fixed Redeemer HUD status scaling.
  • Fixed the forwarding for chat messages to the playback hud using the wrong index.


  • Added interactive scoreboard hint.
  • Sort Blitz scores first by K+A, then K, then lives remaining.
  • No longer show number of caps next to player name on CTF scoring summary.


  • New server and hub browser filtering rules - show a limited number of empty servers/hubs prioritized by ping, but not limited by ping.
  • Host of instanced games get admin lite powers during pre-game, can kick other players before match starts.
  • When kicking a player from an instance, the game will attempt to kick them back to the hub first
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some other disconnects from instances to not setup reconnecting to the hub properly.
  • Playlists are now Ruleset driven.
  • Adjusted default rulesets for Hubs. No longer have Instagib tab, Instagib CTF is now under the Classic tab.


  • Updated Flak Cannon muzzle flash and shell explosion.
  • Fixed Shock Rifle screen breaking after using invisibility or firing the Redeemer.
  • Updated Lightning Rifle particle effects..
  • Blitz flag holder trail length is same for teammates and enemies.
  • Fixed weapon overlays not getting WeaponRenderScale set so they appeared offset.
  • Start character rim shader visibility closer to player.
  • Sniper Rifle and Grenade Launcher material tweaks.
  • Updated Redeemer blast.
  • Fixed Lightning Rifle third person charged indicator going away when zoom button is released.


  • Keep level music going into flag countdown at start of Blitz Round.
  • Fixed low ammo sound with dual Enforcers.
  • Fixed some weapon fire attenuation settings.
  • Fixed rocket firing sound.
  • Updated Grenade Launcher sound effects.
  • Increased volume and audible range of jump and dodge sounds.
  • Decreased volume and audible range of occluded footsteps.
  • Fix idle sounds on sticky grenade persisting if blown up
  • Fixed players hearing bot low ammo sounds in standalone games.

Engine and Rendering

  • Simple forward shading on low end devices.
  • Fixed rendering issues on Intel integrated graphics (surfaces rendering black).
  • Reflection environment optimization from Intel.
  • Change from view space transform to camera space transform- this was the source of the self-shadowing weapon issue.
  • Don't use contact shadows when not in temporal AA.
  • Fixed movie player related crashes by making it a pointer instead of shared pointer.
  • Added UserActivityTracking to help track crashes during level loading, gameplay, and custom PAK loading.


  • Increased initial flag pickup delay in Blitz from 15->20 seconds.
  • No more Blitz flag return points inside the defender base volume.
  • Increased Rally Point powered time 10->20 seconds.
  • Added ramp up music to play leading up to flag available.
  • Two part rally cam: show character rallying out followed by zoom in to rally spot.
  • Short invulnerability (0.4 seconds) for player that just rallied in.
  • Fixed flag location messages sometimes being incorrectly interrupted.
  • Correctly handle threshold insurmountable lead in Blitz (2 rounds left, team leads by 4 and tiebreak over 60).
  • Added UTBlitzDeliveryPoint and UTBlitzFlagSpawner, replace the CTF flag bases in Blitz levels.
  • Adjusted bonus level countdown sounds.
  • Instant replays now support scoreboard.


  • In-game voice support with dedicated servers, enabled by default
  • Can choose input device in Audio Settings.
  • Can choose between Push to Talk and Open Mic in Audio Settings.
  • Can mute players in interactive scoreboard.
  • Can also limit voice interactions using the communications filter in the System Settings General tab.

Match Highlights

  • Fixed showing level up announcements in match summary.
  • Improved end of match highlights displayed.
  • Always try to show 3 end of match highlights.
  • Fixed match XP summary issues.
  • Damage done award name now "I'd hit that".
  • Added per round damage highlight.
  • Increased time before match summary for DM.
  • Fixed kill feed showing in front of match summary in Showdown.
  • Don't show Showdown damage done when displaying XP update.


  • Support character specific first person arms
  • Converted all weapons to use new first person hands system.
  • Adjusted first person dodge animations.
  • Added ability to turn off slide additive anim while shooting.
  • Added ability to turn off sliding additive when shock combo explode is triggered.
  • Changed slide anims to local space additives to fix wonky Link Gun wrist shooting.
  • Added small blend to slide out to reduce pop.
  • Toned down Shock Rifle run/bob.
  • Switched dodges and wall runs to local space additive.
  • Improved lineups with intro animations (WIP).


  • Replicate position updates for sticky grenade to avoid desynchronization with server in edge cases.
  • Fixed drowning sounds not playing in net games.

Bots and AI

  • Bots don't try to get flag during CTF pre-match warm up.
  • Visse now has hair.


  • Added ability to cancel announcements if they are delayed too long.
  • Increased announcement priority of Terminated message.
  • Chain Lightning reward message for kills from lightning arc off a powered Lightning Rifle shot.
  • Changed link beam 15 kill reward from Chain Lightning to Toasty!

Misc. Gameplay

  • Explosion visibility check also checks visibility to top of character capsule.
  • Fixed weapon replacement mutator crash.
  • Flag returns if lift makes it encroach blocking geometry.
  • Fixed weapon stay pickup timers.
  • Updated armor proxy meshes.


  • Show where you will spawn during countdown in game modes with countdown.
  • Allow spectators to close menu before match starts.
  • No team stats display prematch in Siege


  • Fixed always have correct outline on flag during replays.
  • Don't display XP summary during replays.


  • Stop showing tutorial videos during loading after 3 matches played.
  • Fixed resetting mouse acceleration to proper default.
  • A bunch of fixes to the custom game panel.
  • No longer launch any tutorial on first login.
  • Fixed map vote with rulesets that didn't have long names.

Mod Support

  • Blueprint event when first person weapon equipped



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