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Post Info TOPIC: Unreal Tournament Version 0.1.11 Release Notes (5/16/2017)

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Unreal Tournament Version 0.1.11 Release Notes (5/16/2017)

Epic Games Blog Post

Unreal Engine Wiki Release Notes



  • FR-Loh
    • Opening section layout changes.
    • Courtyard/Arena/Cave changes.
  • TitanPass
    • Unified post and lighting rebuild.
  • CTF-BigRock
    • BP_TeamDeco_WeaponShield is now BP_TeamDeco_SpawnShield to properly match current use case in Blitz.
    • New BP_TeamDeco_Weapon_Shield is the new version that blocks weapon fire for everybody (i.e. CTF-BigRock).
    • Rebuilt CTF-BigRock.
  • DM-Underland
    • Fixed water.


  • By default, weapon allows firing any mode if any ammo left, not just min ammo for that mode.
  • Redeemer
    • Fire and Alt-fire both fire a guided missile.
    • After 0.5 seconds, guided missile can be detonated (fire) or released to continue its trajectory (alt-fire).
    • Redeemer explosion is in 3 stages instead of 6, takes 0.54 seconds instead of 1.08 to fully explode.
  • Grenade Launcher
    • Increased grenade overlap size and min damage.
    • Tweaked grenaded bounce behavior.
    • Grenade rotation rate now correlates to fuse time remaining.
  • Flak Cannon
    • Made flak spread more consistent.
    • Reduced Flak shard starting radius 40->36.
    • Increased Flak shard radius reduction rate 150->450
    • Made sure flak shard spawn locations are always valid, not embedded in geometry.
  • Lightning Rifle
    • Fixed lightning rifle projectile collision.
    • Lightning Rifle max ammo 28->24.


  • Fixed being pushed away from dead teammates.

HUD and Scoreboard

  • Don't alpha out damage numbers as fast, and slightly increased minimum size of damage numbers.
  • Tweaks to end of match XP display.
  • Show clan names in spectator slideout.
  • Fixed HUD kickback on translocator alt with no disk out.
  • Updated minimap armor icons.
  • Fixed link pull indicator left on after running out of ammo.
  • Rocket lock indicators scaled by resolution.


  • When returning from a hub, go to the hub menu instead of the main menu.
  • Fixed rules for competitive CTF and Duel Showdown rulesets so can start with bots if desired.
  • Removed Duel Showdown from default rulesets in hubs.
  • No join option for in progress competitive matches in hubs.
  • Fixed Hub menu does not include scroll bar in the right panel when more than 7 games are active.
  • Deathmatch default ruleset now has max 6 players.
  • Fixed idle kick notification not appearing when getting kicked back to hub.
  • Improved the delay when leaving a hub instance.
  • Fixed Player unable to exit Blitz hub instance match during an Instant Replay.

Host Controlled Start

  • Improved host start messaging for matches controlled by a host (hub instances and LAN servers).
  • Host control of match start now respects "match must be full" checkbox.
  • Fixed centering of host controlled warmup message.

Effects and Rendering

  • Updated 1st person UDamage effects - Tweaked placement, counts, offsets, and material properties.
  • New lightning rifle primary fire projectile effects.
  • Added respawn effects for pickups.
  • Increased gib threshold for flak shards
  • Fixed grenade primary trail color in non team games.
  • Update to muzzle flash position for lightning rifle 3rd person.
  • Made blood effect brighter.
  • Made red team player armor effect brighter.


  • New Flak Cannon sounds
  • Play low ammo sound when switch to weapon that has low ammo.

Mod Support

  • Fixed replay support for matches using custom content.
  • Added -altpak which causes servers to look for pak files in the main game's location so that local lan servers can pick up installed content of the main game.
  • Added a path for the game mode and mutators to restrict or change say/teamsay messages.
  • Added support for more than one material ID override for Generic_Lift, updated preview material and added custom color/opacity settings.


  • Redraft quickplay teams on map transition.
  • Allow team changes in Quickplay before match starts.
  • Removed 3v5 coop Blitz Quickplay option.
  • Reduced auto-adjust skill levels for Quickplay bots.
  • Fixed what maps are available for co-op vs AI Blitz quickmatch



  • Team doors that are controlled by a rally point now show capture progress via progress bar,
  • Added directional and location indicators for the first front for defenders at the beginning of a blitz round.
  • Added Delivery Point text to delivery point beacon.
  • Fixed scoring display when defense wins early on last Blitz round.
  • Reduced time for pre match intro.
  • Reduced Blitz intermission time in standalone matches.
  • Show combat icon on rally indicator if rally is hot.
  • Only show pre match Blitz objective text in training game.
  • Display Out of lives message when terminated and spectating.
  • Added base mesh to rally points.

Warm Up

  • Bots participate in warm up, to give players someone to fight while waiting for warm up to end.
  • Esc will not close interactive scoreboard before match starts.
  • Spectators don't have scoreboard up during warm up if viewing players.


  • Basic training bots no longer adjust their skill above their starting difficulty.
  • DM training starting difficulty now 2.
  • Reduced DM training time limit to 5 minutes.
  • Return to main menu, not training menu, from the initial DM tutorial.
  • Fixed starting with armor in training.
  • Updated duel tutorial, added overtime change.

First Person Weapon Meshes and Animations

  • Added first person dodge animations


  • Improved game clock synchronization between client and server.
  • Fixed weapon desync issue in network games when run out of ammo on a shock combo and continue to hold down fire.
  • Apply small impulse to character when he fires a redeemer to make sure a location update is replicated to the formerly owning player.

Spawn Selection

  • New playerstart selection algorithm to improve randomness, use of all available spawns.
  • Fixed potential for two players dead at the same time during Duel picking the same spawn.


  • Added callout for when player drops the udamage.
  • Show player name for last man standing and terminated messages.
  • Instant replay announcement.
  • Fixed prioritization of "x stars ending" announcements.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fixed Mercy Score calculations in team games and Duel.
  • Block feigning death in the middle of ragdoll recovery.
  • Force standing during 3rd person taunt so crouching cylinder isn't used.
  • Fixed ragdoll exploits.
  • With friendly fire on, hitscan is blocked by teammates.
  • Fixed some issues with death cams.
  • Fixed countdown camera.
  • Powerups tick at full speed when dropped.
  • No default leader hats.
  • Ranked matches are now gated on having played 10 matches instead of viewing tutorials.
  • Fixed supporting large bot counts in LAN games.


  • Party members see full match information when searching for a quickmatch.
  • Don’t provide join option for players in ranked matches.
  • Fixed party joining a private match started by party leader.
  • Fixed joining Duel in progress by joining party.

Server Admins

  • Fixed the game not unpausing when the admin pauser leaves the game.
  • Added "Admin:" to admin messages.
  • Fixed various admin panel issues.


  • Removed Win32 version. Added support burden and almost no one using it.
  • Fixed various crashes.
  • Don't allow framerate capping below 30 fps.


  • Fixed “Connecting to instance” dialog is opening behind the menu.
  • Moved the “change team” button back to the top menu after the match starts.
  • Fixed Country Flag drop down menu can get into a broken state if player clicks out of menu.
  • Fixed "Number of Round" Text is missing within the Game Settings option for Showdown Game modes.
  • Fixed Ranked Matchmaking buttons do not appear on the main menu after leaving a Quickplay game.
  • Fixed Menu music stops playing when exiting offline matches using top UI bar.
  • Fixed the update / patch note system.
  • Kick dialog shouldn't have a reconnect button.



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