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Post Info TOPIC: MapMixer 3.00 RC4

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MapMixer 3.00 RC4

MapMixer 3.00 RC4

MapMixer 3.00 RC3

Name MapMixer 3.00
Version Release Candidate 3
Compatibility UT3 Patch 2.1 [PC ONLY]

MapMixer is a mod that is designed to give you more control over the way you launch and manage your game session in UT3. At its core it works as a Mutator that hooks into the game, providing its unique management operations, however, it is much more. It provides its own replacement for the UT3 Menu system, which gives you direct access to the MapMixer options, as well as other parts of the game. MapMixer is designed for both standalone or server environments.

The core philosophy of MapMixer is this: Each match you play should not be confined by one set of parameters for the Session. In other words, each match should contain its own individual settings, such as Game Type, Map, Rules, Mutators, Player Counts and Bots.

Alongside its extensive customisation is the ability to randomise various options. You can make each match a little unpredictable by randomising the setup of each match. For example, maybe you’d like the Goal Score for Deathmatch to be a random value between 30 and 50, or perhaps you’d like a 5% chance that the Big Head Mutator is enabled.

Each Gametype in MapMixer is treated separately, each with its own set of parameters. Maps can have their own default options, either globally or for a specific Gametype. For example, you may like a particular Map to always appear with a certain Mutator or perhaps you’d like to alter the recommended Player Counts for a specific Map across different Gametypes.

MapMixer allows you customise common settings and easily switch between configurations. You can create Lists of Settings for Rules and Mutators etc. Use the Map List Editor to create a single list of maps from various gametypes, individually customising them, or alternatively let MapMixer create your Session Map List by telling it what Map Sources to use and how to select from them.

It contains its own independent Faction Management system where you can easily create and manage your own Factions, all in a graphical user interface, with the ability directly customise the look and attributes of each character, or create your own.

Each player in a MapMixer hosted session has access to an in-game Client Menu, that lets them individualise parts of their in-game experience, per user login.

Great care has been taken to support any possible gametype in a generic manner, where no dependancies are created on additonal downloadable content. To support a gametype, all you need do is modify a configuration file, and MapMixer comes pre-configured for use with a few community made gametypes.

MapMixer keeps all its settings completely separate from the game and will not overwrite or harm any original setting.








After approximately 18 months in development, I'm proud to say that I now feel MapMixer 3.00 for UT3 is at a point where I believe it is ready for general public use.

It's been a tough road to travel but a worthwhile one. I hope that this new version of MapMixer for UT3 brings you as much enjoyment as it did for me in its development.

MapMixer 3.00 will stay as a Release Candidate until I am satisfied that there are no major issues. I intend for this to be a short period.



Last edited by sinx; 09-07-2009 at 01:05 PM. Reason: Release Candidate 3 is now available on epics forum:
Link to original post on epics

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...ǝp¡s ɹǝɥʇo ǝɥʇ uo

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bump...first post updated....

MapMixer 3.00 RC4 is out ;)


AMD RYZEN 7 1800x@ 4.0ghz-MSI X370 PRO CARBON-MSI RTX2070SuperGamingX Trio-Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB-SAMSUNG 850Evo-LOGITECH G19-MSI DS300 & HX1200i-COOLERMASTER HAF Stacker915R/935/915F-Custom Loop

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Hmmm yes But whats been change or updated etc.... looks like it's the same.confuse

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