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Post Info TOPIC: Action City Billboard / update on current projects, etc.

its me .. i'm back

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Action City Billboard / update on current projects, etc.

I'm updating one of my maps, as a prelude to getting back into the editor to finish my incomplete UT3 projects

  • cleaned up the map,
  • fixed collision issues,
  • added Kismet sequence for animations,
  • real-time dynamic signs,
  • reworked city,
  • polished trim,
  • reworked / redesigned custom textures,
  • Re-remixed Superfist remix,
  • added dynamic music sequence,
  • fixed / Polished BSP,
  • optimized for better performance!
  • etc.


I need somewhere to upload these pictures more than anything; don't mind me.  (Incidentally; once complete I'll move  finalize CTF-Maul, then CTF-UnRealAction & Finally CTF-Next-Gen) Then onto UE4 for me guys. - I'm not leaving unfinished projects in the dust though because I think its important to finish what I start (RL has gotten in the way of this cool little hobby for me quite a bit but i'm not moving on to UT4 unless I can finish UT3 WIP first) Stubborn I know, its a personality thing I guess.

I don't expect anyone to really reply to this, I'm dialing this map in mainly because its helped me to get back into the editor and we still play the map on LAN regularly and wanted a updated, better looking, better running map (especially with all I learned since its release) I'll release it as well I'm sure someone still playing likes a good arena map as much as we do (on LAN if nothing else) etc. etc. blah blah .. cya soon guys.














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Very nice pannels / signs m8 biggrin

I too, still work with UT3 for currents maps. Maybe I'll switch to UE4 in 2015 after the game will be released. confuse

I hope to see your levels finals on day because I love all your maps Jo! biggrin

C'ya soon aww


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...+1 to what Steve said (except the 2nd
you guys impress me....if i had to finish all my "maps"....i d have a time problem haha )


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