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Post Info TOPIC: TKBS - Introduction [as customary]

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TKBS - Introduction [as customary]

Hi all;

 - i hope it is ok to join the forums. In  the spirit of 'common practices', here is a small introduction.

My mini UT3 History

- I have been around UT3 since day 1; but i was a silent observer for the longest time; until maybe 2010

- i first began on the PS3 scene before moving heavily towards PC.

- At some point people started asking me to do stuff [make maps, be admin, run a team, get content onto PS3, record matches, duel etc etc] and then that is when things got bad.

- I consider myself to have a had a bad rep in UT3 - you can track history back to the moment this occured.. from ever since i was made an Admin, but i ask each form their own opinion.

- I try to help out where i can; with direct input or maybe just some motivational speaking/ comments, how people perceive my input is their choice, but i wouldn't offer help unless i thought i could.

- when i first started mapping i did not know my red box was called a 'brush', and as for periperhal software, i was a complete noob -  

* i am self taught in anything related to Unreal development, only because i do not get on well with tutorials, me and tut's just do not seem to match.

* i have recieved alot of help from 2 of my DoS members, and obviously all comments and input recieved from others, also counts towards my experience and knowledge.

* i think i joined the development scene too late, i never release my full potential because i am lazy :)

Why am i here;

- this seems the place to be, all my quality feedback and interesting tips/ opinions come from you guys here.

- but TBH the only reason i joined was to motivate NOVA to push on through with his terrain :) 

- there is still  a few things i would like to learn/ improve with my UT3, i hope that some people here can help me achieve my goals.

- i already see some people who are working on projects similar to mine and i really hope that these people will be able to teach me some things- and maybe even collaborate since our work is exactly the same

- i feel UT3 still has not reached it full potential. - when i see people release maps with stock content that was used in GOW all those years ago, i sometimes cringe. Currently technology is so much higher performance than when ut3 was born. Hopefully people can continue to be dedicated mappers and push the limits of their content, and i am here to be one of these people 

the real life Stuff

- tbh, i am not one for divulging my life onto forums, {generally speaking}, if the forum is UT3 related, then i will be talking about UT3.

* However; here is some info:

-i am male, from Wales [UK]; and i swear too much, but i don't mean it in a nasty way.[<<everyone is like that in wales lol]

- i like stereotypical male stuff like Performance cars; driving them, not talking about them :0, women, however, i am currently trying to save money by 'no-fuel' usage/ no car on the road...but i do love to drive.

- I like to motivate people, but i am a self-professed lazy-ass

- i am conisdering some form of research career, but i am in too much debt atm so we won't talk about work life LOL., lets keep it happy :)

- i would like to improve/ learn some real 3D modelling skills as developing has become a small hobby.

- my spelling usually sucks & i currently have no GPU so it is very hard to see when typing LOL. sorry for any mistakes


I hope this is a satisfactory introduction for everyone; if you request any specific information [as per forum rules, taht i might not have included] please feel free to ask.

Thanks for your time all.


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Very nice intro m8 smile

It make me laugh when you afirm your lazy, it's not something people are saying about therselve lol But reading all of your intro, it reflect the opinion I had about you, UT3 speaking ofc.

So make yourself at home, except few exceptions lol we're a bunch of nice old farts here with open mind wink

Again, welcome on UOF biggrin


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Welcome M8!


I like playing with stuff!

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TKBS wrote:



- I like to motivate people, but i am a self-professed lazy-ass.....


 lol...i know how to describe myself now!!!

welcome again , u found a new home


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Bl!tz wrote:
TKBS wrote:



- I like to motivate people, but i am a self-professed lazy-ass.....


 lol...i know how to describe myself now!!!

welcome again , u found a new home

 LMAO ...

Belated welcome, TKBS


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