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Tutorial - How to duplicate Epic content

Hello all,

This tutorial is to help you duplicate Epic content (static meshes, materials, emitters, particle systems) and put these assets in your own map package. I did this tutorial since it was essential for me to do so for my DM-Station 12 map. A similar thread already exist & you can find it
here but after numerous attempt, it wasn't working. By following this tutorial step by step, you should be able to duplicate everything except textures from Epic. It's not possible to use this method for textures. Therefore, take a look at post # 14 for another method. The tool is available here Now for this tutorial, I'll duplicate a static meshe (aka SM).

1) Start the Editor, open your map & the generic browser (which should open by default).

2) In the Generic tab, locate the package you want to duplicate. In my case, I choose UN_Cave. Notice that the package title is in grey color.


3) Right click that package & select 'Full load' in the contextual menu. The package should appear in black color. If you want to duplicate, rename or delete an asset (in the window at the right) by right clicking on it, you will see that all of these option in the contextual menu aren't available.


4) Go now in the Log tab & locate the command line at the bottom.


5) Now, you have to use the proper syntax or else, you will end up with a warning message in the log windows just above. The syntax to use is as follow :

obj savepackage file=[location & name of the temporary package] package=[Epic package to duplicate]

Take note that when you do the 'savepackage' you don't open the package that it save. The file that is saved is just a temporary stream, so it is best to point the 'file=' to a temporary folder and use a garbage file name such as C:\Temp\ToDelete.pkg since that is a meaningless file that you can delete later.

The [Epic package to duplicate] is the package you want to duplicate. In my case, it's UN_Cave. So the correct syntax to type is as follow & press enter when finish :

obj savepackage file=C:\Temp\ToDelete.pkg package=UN_Cave


6) Return to the Generic tab, in the UN_Cave package select an asset in the window to the right & know by clicking with the right button of your mouse, in the contextual menu, the duplicate option should be available.

7) I choose an asset & choose to duplicate it. The window that appear is the destination where you want to duplicate the asset. The 3 field are important & should be filled with the correct info. This is the default settings :


This is how it should be fill :

Package = Select your map in the scrolling menu.
Group = Not essential but very practical. It is better that you create several groups in your map package. This will help you stay organize when you begin to have multiple assets included in your map.
New name = The name of the new asset. Since this is a rock asset, I choose an adequate name for this type of rock since I have plenty of them (shape, look, dimension, etc).


Click the OK button when everything is filled up.

8) Go now in your map package. In my case, you can see that under my map, I have several groups since I assign a group for every assets I created/duplicate.


9) Double click the new asset and make sure to uncheck the 3 settings beginning by 'Use...' if you want to use 'per-poly' collision instead of the default one. Still, in the most case, it is recommended to use the different models available in the collision menu. For simple object like a cube, the first model (6DOP) is more than enough.


After the assets has being created, you can always rename them, assign a new group if you want to.

Now, return in your map and insert the new SM somewhere. Save your map when your done so the new asset will stay in your map package. If you don't use your new SM & don't save your map at some point, your new stuff won't be save in your map & you will have to redo everything.

Hope that it can help you out biggrin

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